All About Tangie

Life Is Meant 2 Be Fun

Heaven Hi Everyone!

I’m Tangie Ambrose and I Am a CREATOR.  YOU are too!  

That’s what we are here to do. CREATE!

I help people create the best mental environment for the life they are living.  I do that by spreading love and light. I have found that when we are dealing with difficult times, if we stay in the moment, allow ourselves to feel, breathe and then look (and listen) for the good… we will find that our lives flourish and our way of living improves.  

We move out of our own way.

I wanted to create something that would constantly remind you just how good life is and how much better it can be – when your perspective is on point. My prayer is that when you put on anything you purchase from, not only will it make your body feel good, it will also be food for your soul! We will never be able to control other people, but we can control our own reactions.  That means that even when things are going on in your life that are not pleasing to you, you can still have peace and joy.


Tangie Ambrose



Who is Tangie Ambrose

Tangie Ambrose, is a native of Fayetteville, NC. She is most known as an actress who has starred in both tv and film with the likes of Ted Danson, Mary McCormack, Simon Baker,  Martin Lawrence, Bryan Cranston, Jerry Springer, Sydney Poitier and Jenifer Lewis just to name a few…… Her tv and film credits include but are not limited to Why Him (20th Century Fox, as Patty Dunne), In Plain Sight (USA Network, as Delia Parmalee), The Mentalist (CBS, as Samantha Barsocky), Jackie’s Back (Lifetime, as Shaniqua Wells) and A Thin Line Between Love & Hate (Savoy Pictures, as Nikki). 

Tangie says she works as an actor, artist, writer, radio talk show host, producer, motivational speaker and creator but what she’s really doing is spreading love and light and those are just some of the ways she does it.  

Tangie graduated from Seventy-First Senior High school before going on to work with her mother, Betty Ambrose Brown in their beauty salon Ambrose & Ambrose Hair Gallery. She studied at Fayetteville State University for one semester before transferring and graduating Magna Cum Laude from Spelman College. 

Tangie Ambrose has two beautiful children – Rock, her son and Stone Love, her daughter. 

Dream Big!

I dreamt about having my babies before they came. After grieving for about 6 months from having had my beautiful blessed stillborn, I eventually remembered my dream. Didn’t. matter what the doctor said, my babies were coming. And I realized it was gift to carry a soul who wasn’t meant to stay. Pebbles came through me and she felt an abundance of love. Then she went back home.  She paved the way for her little brother Rock and her little sister Stone.